Fourth bomb destroyed in Keningau

>> Monday, May 25, 2009

22nd May, 2009

KENINGAU: The fourth World War II bomb found in Kg Toboh Baru on Wednesday was destroyed yesterday amid much fanfare among residents.

Bomb disposal units from Kepayan police headquarters and Keningau detonated the relic at exactly 2.30pm under the watchful eyes of district police chief DSP Zahari Mohamed.

The bomb was discovered by a worker clearing the area for a development project undertaken by a private company.

DSP Zahari said that the explosion was controlled well and it did not shake the houses nearby or the district hospital nearby.

He reminded the residents not to venture into the area and to abide by the signs put up to warn the public to stay clear of the area.

He added that the private company could engage satellite imagery service to locate any bomb remnants.

“Although the cost may be high, we have to address the safety issue of the people,” he said in thanking the company for assisting police in disposing off the bomb.

Meanwhile, the bomb disposal event attracted residents from Kg. Magatang Trans Pegalan and Batu 11, Jalan Sook who could hear the explosion.

The bomb dropped by the allied troops on Imperial Japanese army logistics has an 800-metre damage capability.

Known as the UXO bomb, it weighed 250lb with a diameter of two feet by eight inches and four-feet by inches long.

The bomb was found about 20 metres from the third bomb which had been destroyed last week.

Sources: New Sabah Times.


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