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KINGTON Life Plasma Testimonials

A supplement which contains the full spectrum of organic minerals & trace elements that restore our health by improving the internal environment within our bodies. It has the ability to restore the quality of our internal fluid by replenishing the 84 minerals & trace elements that are essential to humankind.

Enhances renewal and replication of cell. Clinically proven for more than 100 years. With trace elements

In a Full spectrum

In a Balanced composition

In Crystalloid state

To transmit Electro-magnetic energy to ensure signal transmission among cells

KINGTON Founder René Quinton
(1967 - 1925)

a French Scientist, Biologist, Physiologist, Humanitarian
In 1925, when Rene Quinton he was hailed a French National Hero when he passed away. It is estimated that as many as 1 million people from all around the globe attended his funeral held in the streets of Paris.

2004 - French Ministry of Science hosted a Medical Symposium celebrating 100 years of Rene Quinton's contribution

René Quinton - A short Biography

9 Benefits of KINGTON:

Helps bring the extracellular fluid back into balance. Extracellular fluids include:

Blood Plasma

Amniotic Fluid

Cerebrospinal Fluid

Lymph Fluid

Pancreatic juice
Gastric Juice


Intestinal Fluid



Prenatal Care

Supports optimal fetal development

Pre-natal, Infant and Pediatrics Care

Supplements nutritional intake, optimal growth and development

Neurology System

Supports optimal brain function and neuronal development

Dermatology (Skin Care)

Restores mineral balance necessary for optimal formation of the collagen

Dental Application

promote optimal oral pH and proliferation of healthy oral bacteria

Gynaecology (Reproductive System)

Supports optimal glandular function, vaginal health and supports normal menstrual cycle

Hormonal Production

Supports optimal hormonal production due to the presence of bioavailable minerals and amino acids

Gastro-Intestinal System

Normalizes intestinal and physiological pH; supports the healthy proliferation of probiotics in the intestines; and facilitates the metabolism of amino acids

Respiratory System

Helps normalize respiratory function

Source • Bio-Terrain, Evolutionary Biology, and the Practice of Medicine in the Early 1900s: An Intro to Rene Quinton's Marine Plasma by Roy Dittman, O.M.D., USA.

Recommended Dosage

Maintenance: 1 to 2 ampoules daily

Therapeutic: 4 ampoules daily


1. Take 15 - 30 minutes before meals or 2 hours after meals (Empty stomach)

2. Lets KINGTON plasma retain in the mouth for 1 minute before swallowing.

Sources: Dr. Robeert Slovack,U.S.A.


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