Keningau folks treasure FM radio for latest info

>> Tuesday, January 6, 2009

LIVE ON RADIO…Sairin (left) chatting with Keningau FM presenter Azroy
6th January, 2009

KENINGAU: While FM radio may be a service taken for granted by urban folks, the residents of Keningau should treasure it to keep themselves abreast with the development around Sabah and the country. Assistant Rural Development Minister Datuk Sarin Karno said the new service should be used by the folks to receive information. “We are grateful for the service which has been awaited by the folks of Keningau for a long time,” he told Keningau FM which interviewed him.

The Liawan assemblyman said for those who could not understand the national language well, the radio station also offers Dusun and Murut languages.“And this is a unique radio station which goes on the air 10 hours daily,” he added. According to Sairin, 70 per cent of the interior population was still relying on the radio to keep themselves informed.

The station went on the air five days ago and has received the thumbs-up from the people. It is headed by Lucy Goh as broadcasting officer and Ibrahim Diman as the programme head supported by 20 staff. It is the 33rd radio station in the country.
Source: New Sabah Times


aryn May 26, 2009 at 5:35 AM  

tahniah kerana radio fm keningau sudah mempunyai kontinya sendiri...
dan memang padan lah kerana keningau bukan lah lagi sebuah pekan tapi sepatutnya diiktirafkan sebagi bandar dan keningau adalah satu nama yang tidak asing lagi di pedalaman sabah.

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