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>> Sunday, May 1, 2011

REDtone MobileTo remain competitive in a fast-moving business environment, you need quality and reliable communications. That’s why REDtone Mobile has been designed to give you unbeatable quality, coverage and customer service. We are also committed to help you lower your operating costs by offering you more affordable mobile rates.

Usually Politicians, businessmans and many other organisations made a heavy calls. In order to save the phone calls using REDTone Mobile sim card is the most suitable for you.

Why Prepaid?
- Better control of mobile usage
- Flexible payment method
- Easy monitoring of call charges
Why Postpaid?
- Lower rates and variety of plans
- Itemised billing
Higher call rates compared to postpaid

Possibility of over-use due to lack of call charges monitoring
The Great Solution
REDtone Secured Postpaid is a “Hybrid” Business Plan that the best of both worlds to help you:
control your mobile usage wisely
enjoy the lower rates as compared to prepaid charges
enjoy lowest monthly usage commitment
get access to your on-line itemized bill anytime.
Payment service available nationwide
More than 11,000 e-pay outlets
More than 5,000 agents
Step 1

Sign-up for REDtone Secured Postpaid Plan
Step 2
Join the Million Dollar Agents Programme by signing up users
Our A&P funds are channeled to reward our valued agents. Start your own business and earn fantastic commissions.
Increase your inform with sign-up commissions
Earn recurring commissions when your customers make payment
Offer even more savings to your customers
Agent Payout Scheme

Agent 4%
Sub-Agent 6%
Referral 10%
For more details informations; Especially people who are staying surrounding Kota Kinabalu, Ranau, Tambunan, Keningau, Nabawan and Tenom, please do not hasitate to contact Mr. Akikalawon at his REDTone mobile number 011-1061 0036.


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